Tzatziki – Cucumber Yogurt Dip/Sauce

I love gyros.  Love gyros, love gyros, love them.  Did I mention I loved them?  Since moving from the East coast to the West coast, I haven’t had a truly great gyro.  My favorite ones used to be at the Farragut West station in Washington DC, some 20 years ago.  And then when I went to college in Boston, where I found Steve’s Greek Cuisine. Their gyro was only okay, but the tzatziki was awesome!


I would go and buy some tzatziki to take back to the dorm over and over again.  And when I knew I was going to move, my then boyfriend found out what the base ingredients were in the dip.  Twenty years ago, greek yogurt was not common and I had to make my own using either cheesecloth or a specialized yogurt strainer which took forever.  But now, greek yogurt is everywhere and the tzatziki is even easier to make!

I used an English cucumber for this so I didn’t need to peel it, as the skin is thin.  If you want to use a normal cucumber, I’d recommend peeling it and seeding it.

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