Bakery-Style Sticky Buns – from Cezanne Desserts

This recipe comes from one of the Cooks Illustrated issues from 1994 but I’ve never seen it republished by them, nor have I seen it republished in one of their compilation cookbooks.  Back in the day, Cooks Illustrated had a lot more independent writers and this recipe came from Judy Kravitz from Cezanne Desserts which according to Yelp is now closed.  I made this when I was at MIT and wow they are rich, giant, gooey buns with hints of cardamom in the dough.

To keep the dough soft and fluffy, Kravitz recommends kneading by hand, as a mixer increases the likelihood of over-kneading.

As soon as the dough becomes smooth, about 5 minutes after the flour is incorporated, it is time to stop.  The dough should be only slightly springy, not elastic and bouncy like  stiff bread dough.  I recommend lining the pans with parchment if you dislike cleaning caramel from baking pans.  The picture below on the right shows the buns after they have been proofed a second time.

The final step in making these buns requires some extra care.  When you finish, the buns will be sitting on a rich caramelized sugar syrup.  Flip the pans onto a rimmed baking sheet that is deep enough to catch the hot syrup and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes before serving.  I recommend lining it with parchment, as cleaning this can be a bear.

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