Review: Talenti Gelato Sea Salt Caramel

I don’t buy ice cream very often, but when I do I usually buy a pint and make it last a few weeks (if I can hide it from the husband).  This week I had a craving for ice cream and decided to splurge on trying a new flavor.  I’ve seen the attractive packaged Talenti Gelato with it’s cool screw top cap and see through container, but generally go for the organic Strauss ice cream or if I don’t want to travel to Whole Foods, I get one of the Five flavors.

I’m not a fan of seeing guar gum or other additives like carob bean gum or soy lecithin in ingredient lists.  Soy is most often GMO which I try to avoid.  The ingredient list on this gelato is:

Carmel, milk, sugar, cream, eggs, coconut oil, cocoa, dextrose, soybean oil, fleur de sel sea salt, vanilla, guar gum, carob bean gum, soy lecithin, natural flavors.

Comparing nutrition to a caramel ice cream from Haagen-Daz, the gelato has 25% fewer calories, 46% fewer grams of saturated fat.  I’ll be looking at gelatos more in the future.

What is the flavor like?  I love caramel and butterscotch flavors, but when I try caramel ice cream flavors I often only get a hint of caramel flavor at best.  I tried this flavor yesterday and it was an intense caramel.  It tasted like those Goetze caramel cream candies.  It only takes a light scrape to enjoy the flavor and put back into the freezer.  I really enjoyed it and will probably eventually finish it off.  But I won’t be buying it again until they can avoid GMO ingredients.



  1. I thought the containers use to say GMO free I read the container today and didn’t see that :( Now i have to find a new go to Gelato

  2. I found this Gelato at our local health food store and I read the ingredients. This brand is most likely LOADED with GMO ingredients. The ingredients in the Coffee Chocolate Chip are as follows… Milk (most likely Genetically Modified), Sugar(GMO, not listed as cane sugar) eggs (most likely GMO), Cream (most likely GM), Dutched chocolate (GMO? do not know the alkalizing agent used in the dutch process), dextrose (derived from corn, most likely GM), Oil (coconut and soybean are listed, soybean mostly likely GM), coffee (no GM coffee that I know of), carob gum, Natural Flavor (GMO, who knows?), Soy Lecithin (most likely GM), and Vanilla. As you can see, most of the ingredients are probably genetically modified! If they used non GMO ingredients they would have surely listed them as such. I will be contacting the head office of this small health food store chain and informing them asap. No, I would never eat this brand as it stands now… ever!

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