My Favorite Cake Decorating DVDs and Books

Instructional DVDs (that I own/have used):

SugarEd Productions – Perfecting the Art of Buttercream

If you want to know how to make smooth buttercream, this is the DVD for you.  I don’t use her recipe for buttercream though, because I tend to like to use either Italian or Swiss Meringue butter creams which are less sweet.  But if you want a non fondant cover cake, you need a crusting buttercream.

SugarEd Productions – Flawless Fondant

Great tips for getting flawless fondant and eliminating mistakes.

Jennifer Dontz – The Easy and Tasty Way To Perfect Fondant

If you hate the taste of fondant, Jennifer adds Merken’s candy wafers to her fondant to make it easier to work with and tastier.

Jennifer Dontz – Fun with Fondant Frills

The recipe for pearl clay in this dvd makes great “fabric” decorations and pearl borders.  Tasty and easy to work with compared to standard modeling chocolate.

Jennifer Dontz – Sensational Sugar Flowers Vol 1

Jennifer demonstrates her roses and stephanotis.

Jennifer Dontz – Sensational Sugar Flowers Vol 2

Jennifer demonstrates her cymbidium orchid which you can see the one I made in class.  Jennifer comes to the bay area once a year to give classes which I took and she was a really great teacher.  Her website also has a large number of cake decorating tools which you can purchase from her.

 Mike McCarey – Cakenology

If you want to see AMAZING Cakes, visit his website.  He also has classes in the Seattle area.  You can find out about them through their Facebook page.  The DVD is very well produced, showing from start to finish his method of making a car cake.  You can imagine he uses a lot of the same processes for some of his more complex cakes as well.

Favorite Cake Decorating Books


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