Princess Cake Tutorial

We made a Princess cake for our niece’s 5th birthday.  It was the first time I ever made such a cake.  After much research, we ended up using 2 10″ rounds for the bottom cake, 2 6″ rounds for the top cake, and 1 cake baked in a bowl for the top of the dress.

  • The white ruffles, white roses, and pearl border are made of chocolate clay.
  • The pink dress and blue cake are covered in fondant.
  • The cake was black forest cake without any alcohol.

General Steps:

  1. Bake cakes (2 10″ rounds, 2 6″ rounds, and 1 cake baked in a glass Pyrex bowl)
  2. Prepare filling – in this case it was stabilized whipped cream, canned or frozen cherries, Torani Cherry Syrup
  3. Prepare Swiss Meringue Vanilla buttercream frosting
  4. Construct base by leveling the two 10″ rounds and slicing each round into two layers.
  5. Place the first layer on a covered cardboard round, dampen the layer with the cherry syrup.
  6. Cover the layer with cherries (frozen or canned cherries, drained).
  7. Pipe the stabilized whipped cream over the cherries.
  8. Put the next cake layer on top and repeat process until you have four cake layers with three filling layers
  9. Crumb coat with the buttercream, refrigerate.
  10. Frost the cake with the buttercream, refrigerate.
  11. Color and roll out the fondant.  Cover the cake with the fondant.
  12. I used Jennifer Doonz’s chocolate pearl clay recipe for the pearl border which can be found on this dvd.  You have to make the pearl clay at least a day ahead.
  13. Refrigerate.  I never have a problem with refrigerating my fondant cakes.  I don’t know if it’s because we live in a low humidity area, but we never have condensation affect the cakes.

For the doll base:

  1. Measure the diameter of the doll.  I used these circular cutters and determined which cutter the doll could just fit into.
  2. Cut out a hole in both 6″ cakes and the 6″ bowl cake (you might need to use a knife to aid you)
  3. Place 6″ round on a 6″ covered cardboard base.
  4. Fill as was done for the 10″ cake.  I did not cut the 6″ cakes into further layers.
  5. Place second 6″ cake and fill again.  Top with the bowl cake.
  6. Crumb coat the outside with the buttercream, refrigerate.

To decorate the doll:

  1.  For the dress frills, I used the pearl clay mentioned above.
  2. Work the pearl clay with your hands first and then roll out a piece with a rolling pin until relatively flat.  Begin rolling it through pasta rollers to get the desired thickness.  I was able to get it to a 4 or 5 before it was too thin for the material.  The Kitchen-aid pasta roller is a great tool for rolling out this material, fondant, and for gum paste flowers.
  3. I used this set of frill cutters to make her dress frills, but if I were to do it again, I’d make standard frills using this set of cutters.
  4. Continue layering the frills into the desired shape on the dress cake.
  5. Wash the doll body and dry it off.  Wrap it in plastic wrap from the legs up to the bodice.  Wrap her hair in plastic wrap to protect it while you are working.
  6. Roll out your colored fondant and make a bodice.  you can also press a pattern or use fondant tools to make a pattern.
  7. Roll out the colored fondant for the dress into a large circle.  Cut out a large enough circle that will cover the dress cake.  You can measure from one side to the other over the top to estimate the size you will need.
  8. Put the fondant on the dress, making it look like dress fabric, folding some into the hole cut out at the top.
  9. Push the doll into the hole and cover it with more fondant to make it look seamless.
Stacking the cakes:
  1. I used boba tea straws – about 5 of them to support the doll cake.  You can find them at your asian grocery market or here.  Push them into the cake where the doll will be sitting and cut them flush to the fondant.
  2. You have a couple of options on placing the doll cake.  You can either transport the doll and cake separately and construct it at the site or you can secure it with royal frosting and skewers and hope it doesn’t topple over while transporting.

Look for upcoming posts on the black forest cake recipe I used as well as my favorite cake decorating tools.


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