Real Strawberry Cake – no Jello Allowed

I’ve been on the hunt for a strawberry cake that uses real strawberries and not artificial flavored Jello.  I previously used a recipe that is based on the Cooks Illustrated white cake with the substitution of strawberry puree for some of the liquid.  I used that recipe once for someone’s birthday and it wasn’t pink, it didn’t have a really discernible strawberry flavor, and it was pretty finicky about rising.

When you Google “Strawberry Cake” you mostly get recipes that use boxed mixes or Strawberry Jello.  When I made a vegan strawberry cake, I found a recipe that used freeze-dried strawberries and that was a big AH-HA moment for me.  My son requested Strawberry Cake for his birthday, so I once again got to hunt down strawberry cake recipes on the Internet.

I made a Surfmark of the recipes I came across (by the way, I like using Surfmark to save my recipes because it actually saves the webpage and you don’t get broken links when a site goes down):

Strawberry Cake Recipes

I found the KitchenSidecar blog to be really fun reading.  I tried her recipe for my son’s Skull Island Pirate cake and one recipe filled the entire Wilton 3D Skull Pan.  I modified her recipe slightly, adding in additional freeze-dried strawberries and adding in strawberry extract to intensify the flavor.  The cake was a dense almost pound cake like cake which was perfect for this application.  It would also make a good wedding cake, because you generally don’t want fragile cakes for your tiered monstrosities.  The extra freeze dried strawberries and extract really made the cake taste like strawberry.


The skull cake was strawberry cake, the bottom beach was chocolate cake with swiss meringue buttercream covered in graham cracker sand

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