Vegan Strawberry Cake with Vanilla Bean Vegan Buttercream Frosting

We recently volunteered to make a vegan cake for a friend’s birthday.  I decided to try a strawberry cake since my friend’s wife already ordered a non-vegan chocolate cake from Whole Foods.  I always thought there were two categories of strawberry cakes: a white cake based recipe with the addition of strawberry puree or a fake-o strawberry jello based recipe.  I have baked cakes using strawberry puree and it is tends to be finicky due to how wet the batter can get.  It also does not have the pinkish color after you bake the puree based recipe.

While hunting for a vegan strawberry cake recipe, I came across this recipe from MyVeganCookbook.  I never thought about using freeze dried strawberries, strawberry extract, or strawberry powder!  For this cake I didn’t have any strawberry extract and the cake wasn’t overly strawberry flavored.  However, because we used our homemade strawberry vanilla jam, it was plenty sweet and strawberry flavored.  I wasn’t particularly fond of the frosting recipe included here, so I would recommend using one with a mixture of shortening and vegan butter or all shortening.  Because the jam is pretty sweet, the filling is relatively thin.

For the iPhone image, my husband used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to make an image that we printed out to our edible image printer.  We have a dedicated inkjet printer for edible ink (it was a brand new inkjet printer which has never printed anything except edible non-toxic ink).  We print onto an icing sheet which we got at Icing Images, cut it out and put it on the iced cake on the day of the party.

For the silver sides, we used fondant and luster dust mixed with vodka and painted it on.

For the 10″ square pan I doubled the recipe here even though it says to not double it and changed the way you mix the liquid in with the dry.  I would look for an alternate frosting for this cake.  I will be creating a non-vegan version of this cake next for my son:

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