Canning: Refrigerator Dill Pickles – Take One

I had an overabundance of cucumbers from the garden this year.  The pickling cucumber varieties did really well.  So I made pickles and relish.  Last year I tried one of the recipes on allrecipes and it was way too salty.  This time I also went with the lower temperature longer time canning bath (pasteurization) for the dill pickles.

After more research in 2012, I would not recommend this as a shelf stable recipe.  We kept these pickles in the refrigerator and it was fine.  The reason I’m leery of saying these can be shelf stable is that the water to vinegar ratio is 2:1.  After looking at the NCHFP recipe I’d rather say these should be refrigerated.  I will be posting a new recipe with taste tests after my pickles for 2012 have had a chance to sit for a few weeks more.


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