My New Way of Sterilizing Canning Jars

I have a new baby in the house and we have an Avent Steam Sterilizer IQ 24 that I used with my first.  I looked it up and that model is unfortunately no longer made).


I’ve been doing a lot of canning and wanted to find a way to sterilize my jars without using the giant canning pot or the dishwasher.  I suddenly thought about my sterilizer and so far I think it’s a great solution for small batch canning.  Or even canning large batches!

It fits three wide mouth pint jars or two quart jars at a time and the steam cycle lasts only 6 minutes.  I don’t know how well the new model fits jars, nor do I know how some of the other electric bottle sterilizers fit.  You can still purchase them used on craigslist or maybe e-bay.

Just thought I’d pass along an interesting canning tip for fast sterilization of jars!

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